UPDATE 15-12-2015


We had a very informative day in Manchester , I must admit , the charity Walking with the wounded have it to a tee , they have achieved what we want to achieve and have all the support in place too , we have an awful lot to put in place but we already knew that , I'm surrounded by I feel the best people to achieve our goal , it's not just about building and putting veterans in homes it's about identifying their needs helping them with their needs and securing their future , please please keep up your support and tell your pals too


Update 11-12-2015



Update 11-12-2015


Staff and children at Newland St John's Academy have had a Christmas Jumper Day today to raise money for Hull 4 Heroes.

Update 11-12-2015


NOTICE - HULL 4 Heroes will be offically holding a charity dinner on Friday 22nd January at the KC Lightstream Stadium. The committee has decided that due to number of artists and speakers on the evening we are now making the meal a 2 course instead of 3 course, as this will allow us more time on the evening to fit more in. As a direct result we can now offer the evening cheaper so it is more affordable to all following the festive period. Tickets are available now priced at £25 and you book them by emaiingl

We are honoured that one of the main speakers on the evening is Paul Tug Hartley who's miltary story has been portrayed in the film Kajaki which I urge people to watch. We also will have Ben Parkinson from Doncaster in attendance along with local artists Leroy Vickers and Lorraine Ruby will be bringing along her Britian's Got Talent group The Ruby Reds.

As you can see this is already shaping up to be a great evening at a great venue to offically launch HULL 4 Heroes

Update 11-12-2015


We have 56 volunteers so far, with 16,289 members of the group.


2 admin, 1 architect, 1 local artist, 1 asbestos surveyor, 5 construction, 1 carpet fitter, 10 electricians, 1 excavation specialist, 4 general labour, 1 interior designer, 6 joiners, 3 landscapers, 5 painters, 4 plaserers, 8 plumbers/gas fitters, 1 roofer and 1 offer of the use of portable buildings.


If you want to volunteer your services email



Update 9-12-2015

HCC offers 15 sites to Hull4Heroes



Paul Matson - Radio Interview


Update from Paul Matson


still lots to do to identify the exact site we will work on ,we whittled it down to around 15 different locations all in different stages of planning and all have different opportunities and area size , one with amazing opportunities but that one is further away in time ,we are also still looking at house renovations we still have lots to sort and many more meetings to progress over the next couple of weeks ,I have to say this our city council have pulled out all the stops to help ,every card is on the table ,we feel very very positive ,on another front we have had some amazing offers from large companies ,again until pen is to paper we would prefer to keep those cards close to our chest ,none of this would be achievable without you guys for supporting and sticking by us please stay with us remember we are still young and new to this ,we are getting there and this will happen